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Kusu Barley Shochu 750mL

Shochu • Well-balanced

This is excellent pure shochu product with mature color, aroma and mild taste. You feel relaxed while enjoying its light and refreshing taste.This barley shochu of uncompromised quality tastes more delicious every time you drink it.Try it and fully enjoy the genuine flavor of shochu.

Brewery: Miyazaki Honten (website)

Region: kinki, Mie

Shochu FACTS

Ingredients: Barley
Alcohol: 23%

Serving Recommendation: On-the-rocks, With Water, Hot Water
Food Pairing: Grilled meats, BBQ,Steak


JFC Item Number: 19006
Circulation Temperature: Dry
Packing: 6/750mL
UPC: 084391190069